Higginson Equipment Inc. is a Canadian cylinder manufacturer and distributor who has been providing superior products and service since 1945 to thousands of customers across Canada.

Our products follow NFPA standards, but can be made to custom specifications as well. We also manufacture EconoMAX, the industry standard pneumatic truck and trailer cylinder. Higginson Equipment Inc. distributes more than forty quality fluid power and industrial product lines. Read more about our history.

about office

Mission Statement


To be the leading fluid power and industrial products partner who meets our customers’ diverse needs.


To exceed customer expectations using our Awesome Service Philosophy that all of our team members are committed to.

Value Proposition

We provide a diverse selection of robust and highly engineered products spanning from customized to high volume offerings. We pay close attention to your unique needs.

Awesome Service Philosophy

  • Smile before you speak
  • Treat customers and suppliers with integrity and respect
  • All team members will strive to be the best at what they do and encourage others to do the same
  • We will respond to all core product inquiries and messages promptly
  • Standard Higginson cylinders will be shipped within one week
  • We will strive for 100% on-time delivery
  • We will stock the core products we sell
  • Be enthusiastic and have fun

The People

Using a team approach to accomplish our goals, our team is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.

Our team and application specialists offer technical and practical solutions that the many challenges fluid power and industrial applications require.

Lean Six Sigma


Higginson Equipment Inc. is a Lean Six Sigma company, which means we focus on continuous improvement while reducing waste through Lean concepts. We practice Lean methods from order entry to manufacturing, and use the Six Sigma troubleshooting tools to improve quality and performance. Visual management with a Kanban production system, as well as the practice of 5S, are used in our manufacturing facility.

Every team member at Higginson Equipment Inc. is at least a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and we have several Green Belts who lead improvement efforts with the help of the entire team.