Air & Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders: The Power of Hydraulics, with the Speed of Air

March 18, 2020

Air & Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinders: The Power of Hydraulics, with the Speed of Air

Designed to meet and exceed the most demanding application requirements, with standard bore sizes up to 12" with pressure ratings of 250 psi for air and up to 1500 psi for medium-duty hydraulics. All Higginson cylinders offer OEM's and end-users hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder solutions that are available with non-standard options such as stainless steel, high-temp seals or use with exotic fluids.

Hydraulic cylinders are the powerhouse of muscle and precise positioning for heavy industry and off-highway equipment, while air cylinders come in a wide array of specialty designs and configurations— not to mention the multitude of standard options available. This makes challenging applications a cinch to solve that even some custom-made conventional cylinders cannot. At first glance, this number of permutations can be a bit overwhelming but the good news is that each actuator type and configuration have a place in today’s motion-centric automation environment.

Like all cylinders, these specialty curated air & medium duty hydraulic cylinders use pressurized fluid, in this case, air, to produce linear motion and force to push or pull or even move. Compressed air generally exhibits pressure of about 100 psi—a fraction of that used in hydraulics, this means that an air cylinder would need a large bore to transmit high force. But at least one design of specialty air cylinder uses more than one piston to multiply force from a given bore.

Whatever the specifications, Higginson can deliver the products you need.

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