Cylinder Lead Times Improving!

March 22, 2016

Cylinder Lead Times Improving!

For several months, Higginson was running a 6-8 week lead time for the manufacturing of air and hydraulic cylinders. We have improved the lead time of standard NFPA cylinders to 2 weeks.

How Did We Do It?

A year ago, we as Team Higginson adopted the Lean Six Sigma program which included the Kanban system of pull style inventory control and production. Since then, we have seen huge improvements in production and quality, and has resulted in advancements in our company as a whole.

The Six Sigma program has helped remove our non-value wasted steps, and has resulted in a much leaner company. With our continuous improvement policy, our next goal is to reach 1 week delivery for standard cylinders.

Whatever the specifications, Higginson can deliver the products you need.

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