Deublin Rotating Unions

October 15, 2020

Deublin Rotating Unions

Deublin has been the world leader in rotating unions for nearly three quarters of a century. Founded the same year as Higginson Equipment, in 1945, Deublin brought innovation to the rotating union industry which move them to the top of the industry quickly.

Deublin introduced the 55 Series general purpose union in the 1950’s and it quickly became the industry standard. Employing their balanced seal configuration, it provides excellent sealing while enjoying much improved service life.

Although the 55 Series was well suited to most standard applications, Deublin saw that improvements could be had in the printing industry, where the quality of water used may be hot and abrasive. In the mid 80’s, Deublin developed the 57 Series to cope with the increasingly demanding printing industry. The 57 Series union turned out to perform so well for many other applications, and because of its durability, you can find tens of thousands both 55 and 57 Series installed around the world.

As well, Deublin’s commitment to continuous Improvement has led to the enhancement of the 57 Series to allow for higher operating pressures and temperatures, thus allowing for a product line simplification of all 55 Series up to 1” to be standardized into the Enhanced 57 Series.

Now, when you call Higginson for a 55 Series union quote, you will receive a quote for the 57 Series union. Its superior features and still reasonable price make reason to obsolete the 55 Series unions 1” thread and under. As such, Higginson will now stock only 57 Series unions (although because of our extensive stock, we have many 55 Series unions on the shelf).

57 Series Features

  • Balance mechanical seals
  • Proven seal material resist abrasive medias
  • Low running torque
  • Increased pressure to 750 psi
  • Max temp 250°F
  • Identical Mounting at 55 series
  • Stainless Steel and other corrosion resistance materials

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