EconoMAX Air Cylinders: Setting a New Standard for Performance

December 16, 2020

EconoMAX Air Cylinders: Setting a New Standard for Performance

Your dump truck is exposed to every possible corrosive element Mother Nature has created in the workplace. While some parts of your dump truck are protected against these elements, Air Cylinders are not.

Standard Air Cylinders are not engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions found in a typical trucking environment. Low temperatures can lead to internal and external seal failure while salt spray causes external component failure and dirt and ice lead to rod and seal failure. Not to mention stone contact that damages piston rods.

Unlike conventional air cylinders, EconoMAX® Air Cylinders are economically priced and provide you with maximum strength and durability. The design features of the EconoMAX® Air Cylinder have been carefully researched to provide today’s dump trucks the most durable product solution possible.

When put to the test, EconoMAX® Air Cylinders outperform Standard Air Cylinders in every category, even in the toughest of trucking environments:

How do EconoMAX® Air Cylinders Compare to a Standard Air Cylinder?

economax standard vs economax cylinders

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