Higginson Custom Cylinders: Customized Solutions No Matter How Big, Small or Downright Weird

January 28, 2021

Higginson Custom Cylinders: Customized Solutions No Matter How Big, Small or Downright Weird

You all know Higginson makes the best NFPA Air and Hydraulic cylinders for the best price. We don’t guarantee quick delivery less than two weeks like most of the industry offers as a selling point. Our delivery challenges are not a result of workflow inefficiencies or lack of talented machinists. In fact, we have highly trained and experienced staff working within the bounds of our Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement system.

What prevents Higginson from a two-week guarantee is the nature of the cylinders we excel at; customs. Indeed, custom cylinders are our specialty. The fast deliveries offered by our competitors assumes standard options, such as standard ports, standard mounting dimensions and standard raw material etc. Higginson takes pride in quoting custom cylinders within a day, where others may take weeks.

Custom NFPA cylinder options are a breeze; chromed stainless steel rod? Easy. Metric ISO mounts? Bring it on! Non-destructive raw material testing? A breeze. In fact, when it comes to custom NFPA cylinders, there is almost nothing we will say “no” to when it comes special options.

Where we really shine is with custom customs. Any mechanical device using a pressurized fluid medium to create force and achieve work is within our scope of expertise. Custom cylinders range in size from the tiny shock absorbers we make for material robot bumpers, to large bore steel-industry cylinders with external cooling jackets.

The cylinder you see here was machined from a single piece of steel. It replaced a welded cylinder which required myriad quality control and non-destructive test procedures. Although this cylinder cost more than the welded version it replaced (it was over 120 hours of machining), it was vastly stronger in every way. There was a gland and cap made from separate components, but they too were machined from high-strength steel.

There isn’t much Higginson won’t tackle when it comes to custom cylinders. Big, small or downright weird, we can tackle them all. Get in touch with the Higginson team today to see how we can help with your custom cylinder solutions today.

Whatever the specifications, Higginson can deliver the products you need.

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