Ice Cream Factory Custom Hydraulic Manifold

June 18, 2020

Ice Cream Factory Custom Hydraulic Manifold

We created this custom hydraulic manifold to replace the rat's nest of inline valves and plumbing that existed on a 30-year-old power unit and hydraulic system. The press application squeezes ice cream into their containers and circulates warm fluid through the hydraulic system to prevent oil from turning to molasses amongst the liquid ammonia cooling system.

custom hydraulic manifold before after

The manifold uses a combination of our Hengli D05 and D08 valves with a series of cartridge valves from our Steed Hydraulics product line (to whom we are an exclusive Canadian distributor). The upgraded circuit was designed in-house and then modelled on Solidworks before machining on our Mazak vertical mill using toolpaths created with MasterCAM. From design to installation, Higginson's ability to see projects through every step provides a full-service capability to service our end-user, reseller and OEM customers alike. This project was initiated and sold through one of our resellers whom we partnered with on the project.

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