Two-week Delivery

May 19, 2021

Two-week Delivery

We at Higginson Equipment Inc. are known for our responsiveness with custom air and hydraulic cylinders. From quoting to engineering and from order to shipment, we take pride in delivering the custom cylinder you need for your unique application. We're small enough to be responsive yet large enough to do it right.

If you’re a long-time customer of Higginson Equipment, then you know we haven’t perfected the cylinder game. Our penchant for custom cylinders has left our standard cylinders forsaken, themselves subject to the same lead time and queue as the customs. The neglect of routine cylinders has not been lost on you, the customer. You’ve often expressed how you appreciate our price and service but simply cannot wait four or five weeks for a common design.

We’re happy to announce the Higginson two-week standard cylinder delivery program (fancy name pending). Starting June 1st, 2021, we will quote just two-week deliveries for our NFPA cylinders with standard options. We’ve manufactured extra stock and reduced waste in our process to provide quick delivery for all NFPA cylinders up to 6” bore.

"Standard" is the keyword to our two-week delivery program. We define a standard cylinder as the following:

  • From 1-1/2” to 6.0” bore
  • Maximum 3” rod diameter
  • Maximum 60” stroke
  • SAE (ORB) ports on heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders
  • NPT ports on medium-duty hydraulic and air cylinders
  • Catalogue rod sizes (see our catalogue for details)
  • Catalogue rod threads
  • Catalogue mounting dimensions

Also, the two-week delivery program does not apply to the MT4 Intermediate Trunnion mount. Other exceptions may apply, so it's essential to reach out to our experienced sales team to see if your cylinder suits the program.

One caveat, however … the quantity of each part number (single configuration) will be limited to five pieces. We're happy to produce as many cylinders as you need; they just won't be delivered in two weeks. Order your cylinders today.

Whatever the specifications, Higginson can deliver the products you need.

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