Product Spotlight: Cartridge Valves

September 17, 2020

Product Spotlight: Cartridge Valves

Cartridge valves, more than nearly any other item in the hydraulic realm, claim the title of most diverse. They function to provide directional, pressure and flow control in myriad configurations too many to list. It’s possible to create nearly infinite combinations of hydraulic circuits using cartridge valves, especially when designed into an integrated circuit manifold.

A cartridge valve is a compact valve with open ports designed to be installed into a manifold or ported body. Defined by their number of ports, cartridge valves range from two to six or more. Each port of a cartridge valve provides a flow path, although the flow is sometimes minimal, such as with a pilot port.

Cartridge valves are typically inexpensive, ranging from $80 to $300 or so, depending on its physical size. Cartridge valves operate across a vast gap of flow capacity, from fraction gallons per minute or into the thousands if you include slip-in cartridge elements.

Because of the variety of valves available to integrated circuits, the possible combinations of creative and functional designs is endless. Valves installed into a hydraulic manifold drilled and ported is the cleanest, most leak-free method manufacturing hydraulic control packages.

Here at Higginson, our Steed Machinery line of cartridge valves provides the variety and purpose I've spelled out above. From pressure to flow control valves, and from directional valves to check valves, even the most demanding and complex hydraulic circuits are easily created.

And did you know Higginson manufactures hydraulic manifolds here in Burlington, Ontario? You can either provide your current design schematic or work with our team to provide a creative solution on your behalf. Either way, reach out to us to see how cartridge valves can help you.

Whatever the specifications, Higginson can deliver the products you need.

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